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We are an active, intimate fellowship seeking to be faithful disciples through celebration, study, prayer and service.

We are an inclusive community where all persons of differing backgrounds and life situations are welcome.

We are a committed people who serve Jesus Christ through outreach and community involvement, worship and study.

Our mission:
By encountering Christ in our church, we
share God’s Word in the community to heal
and change lives

Our location: Edgcumbe Road 1 block west of South Snelling Avenue and immediately west of Highland High School. Click the map above to see an interactive map.

Mid-week Update--May 13, 2015

God’s Testimony
Pastor Julie’s sermon on 1 John 5:9-13 reminded us that what God sees is way bigger than anything we can see. It is like the story of the blind men and the elephant. When these fellows approach the big animal, one says he feels a pillar, another feels a rope, another a fan, another a spear, another a tree branch, etc. None of them can tell what they are actually touching because they only feel the leg, tail, ear, tusk, or trunk. We are same way. We think we understand our lives. But we never will understand the world or ourselves until we comprehend life from the understanding of God. 1 John 5:11 says, “And this is God’s testimony: God gave us eternal life.” GAVE—it’s in the past tense. It’s already done. We don’t earn it, we don’t get it when we die, we are not waiting for it. God looks at us and sees love, sees peace, sees life in fullness.
What do you see? Do you want to see like God sees? Take a moment today to breathe in love, breathe in peace, breathe in trust. God has already saved you. You are caught in the loving embrace of God forever, and you are free.

Sanctuary Chairs
The chairs for our sanctuary are coming tomorrow, May 21! Here is the current plan:
1. Yesterday, Brian Manwarren and I moved five pews upstairs. They are bone-jarringly heavy. So thank you, Brian. Eventually, we will need to move at least two more pews, but I may need some recovery time first.
2. On Thursday, we have a good crew showing up at church from 2-5pm for a church work day. Our main task will be to unload, clean, and assemble the chairs. If we have plenty of people, we will also do some outside work and inside cleaning. If you didn’t sign up, please feel free to join us anyway, especially if you can lift a pew over your head.
3. Several folks are bringing food and we will plan to eat a light supper around 5:00 pm.
4. On Sunday, we hope to have enough chairs put together to celebrate Pentecost with the new space and furniture! {Remember to wear bright colors!}

New Officers
Congratulations to the newly elected officers of EPC! New Elders are Fred Clary and Carol Schweickhardt, new Deacon is Ingrid Eggert, and Todd Barnes joined the Nominating Committee. May God’s Spirit bless you in these ministries. Special thanks to Margot Dailey for her work over the past four years as Deacon.

Summer Newsletter
Lois and I hope to finish a Summer Glad Tidings newsletter in the next week or so. Please get any announcements or articles for June-August into the office as soon as possible. Thank you!

· Pastor Julie visited Sid Nelson last week and he sends greetings to all his friends at Edgcumbe Church.
· The end of the school year is a time full of transitions for families. Prayers for children and parents as the academic year winds down and summer approaches.
Learning to trust God’s vision of us is amazingly scary. For years we have been telling ourselves to hold onto our fears and our plans and our defenses. We tell ourselves that we can only trust certainty and control and stability. We are most comfortable holding on to the hurts from the past and our worries about the future.
Instead of this crazy treadmill of hurt and worry, God says, “You only need to know one thing: I gave you eternal life already. Rest and be at peace. Live in the freedom of the present moment. Because life is not a problem to be solved—I solved it already! Life is a gift to be lived. So live in love. Love me, love each other, love yourself.”

Peace and rest and love to each one of you, Pastor Phil

Post-Lent ArtPlayce Show:
Trish Pipkin is our post-Lent Artist-in-residence. Some of Trish's art is hanging in the ArtPlayce at the Edge Gallery. Join us in viewing her work after Sunday services in May and June.

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