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We are an active, intimate fellowship seeking to be faithful disciples through celebration, study, prayer and service.

We are an inclusive community where all persons of differing backgrounds and life situations are welcome.

We are a committed people who serve Jesus Christ through outreach and community involvement, worship and study.

Our mission:
By encountering Christ in our church, we
share God’s Word in the community to heal
and change lives

Our location: Edgcumbe Road 1 block west of South Snelling Avenue and immediately west of Highland High School. Click the map above to see an interactive map.

Mid-week Update--April 15, 2015

God Is Light
This is your midweek reminder to bring God’s light into every situation of your life. In 1 John 1, we read that “God is light; in God there is not one speck of darkness.” Because this is true, we can experience God’s light and love at any moment. Are you having a difficult or anxious day? Allow yourself to fill up with the light and love of God. Sit for several moments with God’s light shining inside of you. Do you feel it? Repeat as necessary.

New Member Exploration
This Sunday, April 19, after worship, we plan to meet with our new member explorers to share stories, get to know each other, and talk about the community of Edgcumbe Church—how ministry and spiritual growth work here. This gathering is meant to be a conversation between explorers and community members, so please join the Pastors and Elders and the five or six explorers for lunch and meeting in the Parlor this Sunday.

ArtPlayce News
ArtPlayce is thankful for Matt Holm's Lenten and Easter art work with and for us. His art will be with us through Sunday, then in the next few months there will be other artists coming our way. Artist and painter Trish Pipkin will share her work starting April 24th through the last week of May. Please note that she will join us for church on Sunday April 26th to talk about her work right after church. Following Trish's work, the Contemporary Quilters will have a traveling show to share with us in June.
–Elaine Allen and Carol Schweickhardt

Session Report – April 9 Meeting
Here are the highlights from the April 9 meeting of Session:
A review of the finances through February indicate income slightly ahead of budget, and expenses slightly under budget.
In the Education report it was noted that Luther Seminary is sponsoring a conference on Confirmation, and that members of the committee or of the congregation might find the topic relevant to youth in our congregation.
There will be a Celebration of Mission at the Presbytery meeting on October 24, and possibilities were discussed for Edgcumbe to make a presence with information about Plaster House and/or Art Place.
A congregational meeting was scheduled for May 17 after worship for the purpose of electing Elders and Deacons. Nominations committee members Lorenz Fett and Eleta Pierce will make nominations, and suggestions can be discussed with them prior to the meeting.
Session reviewed and updated our church wedding policy and approved a new brochure outlining policies for weddings at EPC.
Session discussed a recommendation to re-engage the congregation in Sunday services for such things as welcoming, children's sermons, and sharing faith stories. This was identified as a positive outcome of the sabbatical time last year that has not maintained momentum. Elders volunteered to take more leadership in the coming weeks in worship and leader recruitment.
Session also discussed shifts in the worship process in past months, and possibilities for changing the use of space in the sanctuary. We discussed the possibility of re-engaging a leadership team similar to that of the Ministry in a Changing World to have ongoing discussions about this.
Respectfully submitted, Bryan Kingsriter

May God’s light fill you with peace today that you experience the real joy and happiness of being alive! Pastor Phil

Lenten ArtPlayce Show:
Matt Holm is our Lenten Artist-in-residence. Some of Matt's art is hanging in the ArtPlayce at the Edge Gallery. Besides showing his art, Matt will be leading our congregation in two pieces of interactive art. Beginning with Sunday worship (10am), February 22, Matt will share his artist's process with us and invite us to mold and "wound" the paint layers each Sunday. These communal art pieces will build up over the six weeks of Lent, leading to a revelation of the finished process on Easter Sunday. Click here to visit Matt on the web.

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