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We are an active, intimate fellowship seeking to be faithful disciples through celebration, study, prayer and service.

We are an inclusive community where all persons of differing backgrounds and life situations are welcome.

We are a committed people who serve Jesus Christ through outreach and community involvement, worship and study.

Our mission:
By encountering Christ in our church, we
share God’s Word in the community to heal
and change lives

Worship Sundays at 10 AM

Our location: Edgcumbe Road 1 block west of South Snelling Avenue and immediately west of Highland High School. Click the map above to see an interactive map.

Mid-week Update--July 27, 2016

Who Is God? What Does It Mean to Be Rich?
Last Sunday Pastor Julie asked us to imagine the possibility that God is FOR us and not against us—that God truly loves and cares for us at every moment. What would happen to our hearts and lives if we stopped blaming God for all the world’s problems and instead allowed God to love us and lead us? That is not meant to be a hypothetical question; it is meant to be a faith exercise for you right at this moment. What happens to you when you open up your heart and mind and body to the abundant goodness of God? Do you find yourself cringing or opening? Does your breathing get deeper or shallower? What new possibilities open for you when you breathe in the love of God? This coming Sunday, we will read the story of the rich fool (in Luke 12:13-21), who puts his faith in his full barns. When he dies, he is left with nothing. The other option (verse 31) is to be rich in God. We can be rich in God while watching the news or the political conventions. We can be rich in God while thinking about our finances. We can be rich in God in the middle of a hard meeting. We can be rich in God when our children are snotty to us. We can be rich in God in all things, in all things. Our riches in God, in other words, do not depend on the state of the world or the state of our relationships or bank accounts or job prospects. Our richness in God is a promise held in the heart of God—a promise that we can trust with our lives.

Remembering Member Dora Olsen
Longtime EPC member Dora Olsen died peacefully on July 23, 2016. Born in 1921, Dora was almost 95 years old. She started attending Edgcumbe Church before the current building was constructed and gave many years of service to this congregation. Although we have not seen Dora in church for many years, we celebrate her life of faith and grieve her loss. There will be a private family burial at a later date, and in worship this Sunday, July 31, we will say a prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving for her.

Eagle Scout Project Is Complete!
Last Saturday, Josh LeClair and several volunteers cut more buckthorn and chipped many yards of brush that had been cut the week before. This sounds nice until you realize that they did this work in the midst of a horribly heavy rainstorm, causing stuck equipment and drenched humans. Thank you all for your work! In the coming weeks, we hope to have Thank You cards available for us to thank the folks who gave us their time and labor. Take a walk in back to see the amazing progress.

Looking Ahead: Pastors’ Vacation
The GebbenGreen family will be on vacation from August 1-14 (heading up north for a week and then south for a wedding of one of Phil’s Iowa nephews). The EPC Elders will lead worship on August 7, and Rev. Deb DeMeester will preach and celebrate communion on August 14. Please notice the switch of communion from the first to the second Sunday of August.

Free Stuff at Church
We are cleaning out Room 2 in the education wing at church in preparation for a small Montessori Preschool expansion. There are several items—old Sunday School table and chairs, children’s books, a cork board—that are in the church narthex and are available for a new home. Also, we are still trying to get rid of 6-8 pews. If you know of any people or artists or woodworkers or anyone who might want one or more of our 12-foot, solid oak pews, please contact the church office as soon as possible.

School Tools for Highland Park HS
As we prepare to support our next door neighbors through a School Tools Drive this summer, the community liaison at HPHS, Kim Sabo, was consulted for a current listing of the most needed items for the classrooms. This is the list the teachers gave:
Ø Tissues (#1 request)
Ø Post-it notes
Ø Bus Tokens
Ø Pencils/Pens
Ø Back Packs
Ø Painters Tape
Ø Scotch Tape
Ø Manilla Folders
Ø White Board Markers
We can begin to gather these items and put them under the loom at the front of the sanctuary. Any questions, contact Pastor Julie.

August Birthday and Anniversaries
Zarrick Humphrey – 8/7
Brian Manwarren – 8/16

Budd & Carolyn Johnson – 8/21/1965

· Andrew Kingsriter is recuperating at Elaine & Bryan’s home, staying on IV antibiotics until mid-August.
· Marge and Jim Litman arrived in southern California after a near-accident adventure on the road. All turned out OK and they are settling in.
· Office Manger Lois Glewwe has re-injured her back and is looking for both relief and wisdom about what to do next.

Next Two Midweek Updates
Because I (Phil) will not be in the office the next two weeks, please get any communication needs or articles to Lois by 1:00pm Wednesday for inclusion into the Update or the bulletin. Thank you!

Practice richness in the love of God today! Peace and love to you all, Pastor Phil


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